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Simply the free space for little Chhetri

This website was build for Leo & Lilia‘s in July 2016. The purpose of this space is for them to learn about Internet world and also enjoy keeping their diaries. This is a stage for them to express their opinions and interests. Their Mum, Ruri, has developed this website and will guide them through their Internet experience.

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This is the main people who is involved in developing this website.
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Little Blogger
His ambition and his height is growing daily! He loves football, playing rugby and reading books. He lives for playing games with his friends online, but just on the weekend, Leo!
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Little Blogger
Lilia loves creative activities, interested in animals and beautiful objects. She loves to recycle and creates anything out of everything. Loves singing and dancing too.
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Ruri is an IT engineer, website developer and a mother, daughter, wife, friend… but in here, she is more of a MOTHER than anything else.

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